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Rhetoric is the art of using language to communicate effectively and persuasively. It involves three audience appeals: logospathos, and ethos, as well as the five canons of rhetoric: invention or discoveryarrangement,stylememory, and delivery.

Rhetoric is a creative way to view perspective on a subject. It allows you to convey a message to the reader in a way that they would not have seen regulary.

This piece conveyed a message to me showing that people will not operated out of the normal way of doing things. Her point was no matter how polite she got, peoples ignorance will get the best of them. The way was this piece was conveyed was totally different than what I thought memoir was.


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Writing does not necessarily come easy for me. The sitting around ,waiting, and brainstorming what to write about causes the most hassle in my writing. No one actually likes waiting around doing that in my opinion. In this class I want to be able to create a better writing style that make it easier for me to begin my writing.

Once I get started writing, for the most part, it is smooth sailing. In my mind I have already created the vision in which I am writing about and is able to put it on paper. The types of techniques that we have learned is class have been some what helpful. I know in time they would be most helpful when I am in habit with their use.

At this current moment my writing assignment is at a stand still. I am thinking of different motivating topics and ideas but just seem to come up blank. This blog is a wonderful idea. It alows me to read and comment on others work while constructing my own work from others feed back. Hopefully during this class I would get the feed back to help me come up with great ideas for my writing.


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